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The VMBSG hold regular workshops, information sessions and an annual conference for it's members

  • Zoom workshop

    Zoom workshop

    Earthquake Design and Construction Requirements | 23 August 2022
  • Zoom Workshop

    Zoom Workshop

    ESM processes and pitfalls | 20 September 2022
  • Zoom Workshop

    Zoom Workshop

    Steel Framing | 25 October 2022
  • Annual Conference

    Annual Conference

    Yarrawonga Country Club | 30/11/22 - 2/12/22
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Building Safety Through Integrity, Professionalism & Advocacy

Welcome to the Victorian Municipal Building Surveyors Group Inc.

An association committed to promoting good building control and regulation at a local government level.

The Victorian Municipal Building Surveyors Group operates under it’s statement of purpose and the rules of the incorporated association.

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Victorian Municipal Building Surveyors Group Inc.
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Preferred Conference Venue: Yarrawonga & Border Golf Club

Our conference will be held in December this year at Yarrawonga so check the details in our events area and save the date.

Riskcom is a leading provider of transformational and enterprise wide risk, safety and change solutions.  Specifically, Riskcom is able to provide a wide range of risk consulting services including review and development of risk policies and procedures, identification and assessment of key risk exposures and development of risk registers, risk training, risk maturity and culture assessments, and emergency risk assessments.


Russell Kennedy is a major provider of legal services to local government.  Over the last 3 years we have worked for over 50 councils in Victoria, both suburban and rural.

Russell Kennedy has a particular strength in bringing together the various legal disciplines necessary to deal with local government projects and enforcement, including building legal services.  Our local government practice represents a substantial proportion of the firm’s operations.  Over time we have developed a broad cross section of skills and a large resource base to meet the total range of building legal needs for the type and nature of work Council’s are likely to require. 

We maintain close relationships with Council’s and our lawyers specialise in building law and regularly appear in Magistrates’ Courts throughout the State, superior Courts and the Building Appeals Board.