Transfer of functions of PBS

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    Philip Wilson

    We have just received this email from the office of Robert Zivkovic:
    “Please be advised that it is with regret and due to unforeseen circumstances that RZ Building Surveyors Pty Ltd will be closing our doors for business on Thursday 31.10.2019 and will no longer be able to assist you in your building works or issuance of any building permits RZ BUILDING SURVEYORS PTY LTD”

    Applicants do not appear to have been contacted to approve any transfer of function.

    Inquiries have been received for us to take over the building permit function for uncompleted building works. One owner this morning was asking Council to do this for $0 as he has already paid RZ in full. He didn’t like my response!

    I don’t know at this stage if we can get inspection records and we are currently looking at how many unfinished projects are located in this municipality. It looks like we will be stuck with quite a few of them, one way or another.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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