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    Chris Crowe

    The Premier
    Mr Daniel Andrews

    I write on behalf of the Victorian Municipal Building Surveyors Group (VMBSG). The VMBSG is an association committed to good building control and regulation at a local government level in Victoria. The VMBSG operates under its statement of purpose and the rules of the incorporated association.

    The purpose of this letter is to initiate the co-development of a suite of Municipal Building Control Plan documents for Victorian Local Government authorities to tailor and adopt according to their own specific local needs and circumstances, having regard to the interests of the overall Victorian community. We trust that the Victorian Government and relevant stakeholders will see a benefit in coming together to fund and contribute to the development of such an important instrument for assisting Council’s, and Municipal Building Surveyors, to meet their responsibilities to an appropriate standard in the interests of their communities.

    In the early 2000’s VMBSG joined with the then Building Commission (now VBA) to develop such a document. The project was to be funded by the Building Commission and significant work was carried out by the stakeholders involved to develop an embryonic template, a copy of which is in the VMBSG archive (copy enclosed). The scope of the project was developed, and tenders were called for legal practitioners to quote for the provision of the legal services necessary to deliver the project. For reasons not well understood by our organisation, the project was terminated by the Building Commission and the project team abandoned.

    We believe it is timely to get this project back on track. In recent times, Councils and their Municipal Building Surveyors have found themselves to be severely challenged by an increasing building control compliance burden. These burdens were not anticipated or planned for; and they have been extremely challenging in an environment that can only be described as being a crisis of professional resourcing scarcity. In our view, the lack of quality Municipal Building Control Plans has been a major contributor to the lack of planning for future resourcing needs and the resultant critical resourcing scarcities and the overall ad-hoc approach to Building Control. These shortcomings have no doubt been significant contributory factors to the building control and compliance crisis that grips Victoria today.

    In view of these issues, we request that the Victorian Government come together with VMBSG and other relevant stakeholders to contribute to the development, funding and adoption of Municipal Building Control Plans for Victorian Local Government authorities to tailor and adopt according to their own specific local needs and circumstances. We believe that this is a critical project to ensure that we are all equipped and resourced to respond to and deal with future risks in the interests of the safety of the Victorian community.

    The VMBSG looks forward to your response in relation to these matters. We would be pleased to provide any assistance in relation to further background and suggested system improvements wherever necessary.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me should you wish to discuss this matter further.

    Yours sincerely

    John Prendergast
    Victorian Municipal Building Surveyors Group Inc.
    Building Safety Through Integrity, Professionalism & Advocacy
    PO Box 4011
    Ringwood 3134
    M 0419 144968
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    Barry Nicholl

    Hopefully this will be successful

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