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    John Prendergast

    Use this forum for cladding related issues

    Marcus Collard

    Funding for Council’s to undertake this function where the Government has provided funding to the VBA to undertake these functions.
    What if combustible cladding is provided to a type C building (therefore complies with DTS) and the building is determined to be a danger to occupants? This would place the whole NCC DTS in question.
    What is happening on other classes of privately owned buildings (Class 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) that have combustible cladding?
    What is happening on actions by the VBA against practitioners (all classes) who have issued non-complying building permits?
    What is happening regarding the findings of the VBA audit program that have discovered that esm maintenance, esm provision in existing buildings is below an acceptable level of safety?
    Private certification in general?
    The role of the VBA v’s the role of the MBS v’s the role of Council v’s the role of the PBS?
    Building Standards in general?

    Do you need more?


    Philip Wilson

    I have a 2-storey class 2 building (with a basement carpark). It is considered “out of scope” by the VBA Cladding team.
    The building was constructed under the BCA 2015 and has EPS cladding exceeding 50% of external walls.

    The RBS has responded that the exemption in Specification C1.1, Clause 4.3(a) applies, meaning that the building does not need to comply with the Clause 4.1(b) non-combustible external walls requirement.

    How far do we need to go to check that the building is constructed of “non-combustible material throughout” (Clause 4.3 (a) (ii))?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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