Reply To: Combustible cladding materials

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Ian Robson

We are being decimated alright!
The simple issue is one of accountability. We have the 2016 advice from Hoey that the PBSs have the power and duty and the VBA can direct them.

This is not only an issue of the wording of the Building Act, it is plain judicial fairness. If a PBS has stuffed up, they need to pay – ie they need to be dragged back to fix their mess – now, not in 10 years time. Even if Hoey’s advice can be rebuked, we need to stand our ground and demand fairness. I am very concerned that this Group is promoting the ‘saviour’ MBS concept under a banner that 212 gives us this role and that it supports MBS egos.
The 2011 Maddocks advice has a glaring ommission as to the power of the VBA to use the former s198 – now 205M. I accept it is professional advice but it pales compared to Hoeys.