Reply To: Direction to fix (continuing topic form old site)

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Jeff Whitehead

Thanks Marcus,

I totally agree, and this is only the second written DtF that I have had to so far, so I am still feeling my way through the process. But at times it can be hard to know where to draw the line on when to go straight to the written DtF, even the minor matters can take often take more than the 7 days to fix, particularly for owner builders. But doing a written DtF every time something was not approved on site is a huge administrative burden. My inspector, knowing how busy we are, has been trying to manage these through the oral directions (also making a written record) and giving the full 7 days for the work to comply, but inevitably things still seem to fall through the cracks. We are gradually getting better at it, and your advice recently has been a great incite which I will take on-board for the future, thanks for taking the time to share.

And as you suggest, I suspect that the builders have little idea about, or appreciation for the importance that DtF’s hold. I Doubt many would understand the process and why they are now used or required.