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Stephen Ryan

Robbo & Marcus

Thanks for your input, it is a can of worms I believe. Agree the old wording was more meaningful but was that because we were used to it and maybe had some measures / processes in place to deal with it.

Interesting you as MBS’s both consider accessibility into buildings being an amenity issue. Do you both do some / lots of these statements? If so do you have an assessment template that you use? I imagine that many of these subdivisions do not have a RBS appointed for a BP so you would do the majority of these reports / statements. I vaguely remember us having something like that at CoPP many years ago, I might follow up with them.

Despite taking the MBS hat off 10 years ago I’m not sure I would include access within the definition of amenity if you use the structure of the BCA as a guide. Amenity according to the BCA is all those things I listed above. Access to me is an issue of equity. I don’t think I’ve been tainted in those 10 years but others may disagree.

Not sure how to make reasonable provision for access to and within a building without it being compliant or having a performance solution via an “expert” access report by an appropriate person. An old two storey building with no lift is an issue.

Cheers, Steve.