Reply To: Australian Government Security Zones 4 & 5

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Jeff Whitehead

Hi Sarah,
I did a little looking for you this afternoon, the topic caught my interest late in the day.

Are they able to provide you with evidence of accreditation of the security zone for that building? The document on the website below, under Clause 4.3 refers to accreditation of security zones (you will need to copy and paste into your browser – but you may have already seen the document?). If they have had an agency security advisers (ASA) accreditation completed, they should be able to provide this for you. I would put it on them to come up with the evidence to support what they are requesting. Otherwise if they are wanting a higher level of security, Defence should be able to provide some direction to say what level of security the building requires.

Clearly they don’t want just anyone wondering in, or out with experimental explosives! So having the extra security may not be unreasonable, but they need to provide you with the justification. It is not your job to work out what their level of security is, or should be.