Reply To: Combustible cladding materials

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Peter Phillips

The City of Whittlesea Comms Department have provided this in response to the request for info from a media outlet

The City of Whittlesea’s Municipal Building Surveyor has already begun the process of gathering a record of all buildings in the City of Whittlesea with aluminium composite panels or expanded polystyrene as cladding that meet certain criteria. The criteria is – buildings that are three storeys or more which fit particular classes including flats (one above another), residential buildings, hotels, motels, health care or aged care facilities.
Once we have those details, we will be checking documentation to establish the types of cladding used, and formulating an inspection program for each site to determine if any further action is needed.
Council’s primary concern is the safety of its residents and we are awaiting additional guidance and/or development announcements from the State government before taking additional action.
If anyone is concerned about their building they should contact their Owners Corporation in the first instance who will make contact with the builder. After gathering the required information, Council will also let any residents know of any decisions about the building.