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Guy Romeo


I am still concerned about our Council’s ability to inspect all pools, given the numbers, for compliance and enforcement (where necessary) for those who do not lodge an Annual Report. We have limited resources (myself, one other BS and 0.5eft Admin. Officer). We still issue approx. 84% of all building permits within our municipality on top of everything else. We also need to factor in the other additional mandatory inspections being introduced.

I just don’t know how (without Council allowing me to employ 1 or 2 more inspectors), that I would be able to administer this and have every pool audited every 12 months, etc.

I’m not sure why the Pool Audit regime couldn’t perhaps be the same as the ESM Audit regime where the MBS ‘may’ audit.

Making it mandatory to have a compliance audit report done by a registered building practitioner at point of sale for a property is a good idea.

Swan Hill RCC