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Guy Romeo


That is an excellent letter. I hope the Minister seriously considers the suggested way forward.

No one can argue about improved pool safety but it needs to be a shared responsibility as well as being achievable, practical, efficient and affordable.

I understand that SPASA has estimated there to be approx. 200,000+ pools across the State. To think that all of these pools are going to be inspected, audited and made compliant on/or around October 2020 doesn’t seem to be achievable or practical.

It is also of concern that Council’s and MBS’s will become the entities burdened with the additional administration and risks associated with this system. Given our rate capping issues, budgetary constraints and scarce resources, the regime introduced must be a shared responsibility. From this perspective, I agree with your suggestions that other registered building practitioners be part of the solution from an inspection and auditing point of view.

Councils cannot do this on their own as it is a mammoth task.

I trust you will receive a favourable response from the Minister.

Swan Hill RCC