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Guy Romeo


Proposed Reg 140 states that this Division applies ‘on’ and ‘from’ 1 October 2020. On this basis, if it applies ‘on’ 1 October 2020, then it seems to me that all pools constructed prior to 1 May 2010 (inclusive of pools built before 8 April 1991) will need to have a barrier that complies with AS1926.1-2012 by 1 October 2010!

That’s how I read it.

Whilst I rate pool safety as a priority, my main issue with all of this is do we honestly believe that it is a practical and achievable goal to get every pool across the State compliant within the time frame. Given the number of pools out there and the resources available I have my doubts.

Where are the ‘Pool Register’ requirements mentioned? Will this be a separate issue introduced into the Act at some other stage?

Swan Hill RCC