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John Bordignon

The provisions of projections are confusing. For instance, they have made changes by deleting footpath, introducing new words, possibly to clarify matters, but i fear may confuse all and hamper enforcement.

For instance proposed changes to verandah projections R103: old reg does not allow a “height less than 3m from the level of the footpath”.
replaced with: “is of a height of at least 3m from the natural level of the ground”

Then elsewhere nominates “natural ground level of the street” when talking about sunblinds, awnings and rainwater heads etc.

No consistency her, or is there a subtle difference that I have not picked up?

Street is defined as: street includes road, highway, carriageway, lane, footway, square, court, alley and right of way;

street alignment means the line between a street and an allotment;