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Lawrence Slagter

(Sorry, I thought Yarra Ranges had already responded)

At Yarra Ranges Council we provide a 24/7 emergency callout service. Request for the attendance of the on-call building surveyor from our After Hours desk is relayed to the on-call mobile phone.

We (as in Rob Flynn, Lawrie Slagter & Andreas Zimmermann) rotate ‘on-call’ every 2 weeks. We find that request for building surveyor a bit ad-hoc. I think some CFA and SES areas are not all that clear as to what to do or who to ‘hand over’ to when they’ve finished

Unless for good reason, we usually attend during daylight hours – no point attending in darkness.

We usually issue MWBO (occasionally Emergency order). Again usually require some sort of ‘make safe work’, e.g., fencing, etc., and – if insured we liaise with insurer. If not insured often carry out ‘make safe’ via MERO or contractor & charge to property.

We’ll take this opportunity to recommend that ‘major’ (to be defined) incidents, e.g., incidents that cross municipal boundaries, bushfires, wide spread storm damage, be subject to specific regulatory provisions and managed/administered at state government level as it’s a real struggle to get on top of things & maintain business continuity at the local level

Lawrie Slagter, Yarra Ranges