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Wayne Harris

At Maribyrnong City Council we receive a call from either the MFB directly or through Council’s own after hours service system. We provide a 24/7 call out service on a two-monthly rotation system by the Deputy or Municipal Building Surveyor.

Dependant on the type of the incident (Death or other serious under Vic Pol crime scene investigation) we contact the land/building owners to arrange make-safe works (Not dependant on the accessibility of their insurer to respond).

Should the site need to be made urgently safe & secure to ensure community/public protection Council can instigate via the Council works department to have temporary security or street part closure barriers installed until such time the land/owner can arrange for the demolition, hoarding permit and other required permits to be gained. a temp fence and work through how they are going to make it safe. Both these options are usually done through an Emergency Order.

Occasionally however, should it be of a minor incident Council may not be notified until the following day and attend based on the level of risk associated with the incident/event in a timely manner to ensure Council’s Duty of Care is not compromised and the community not put at an identifiable level of public safety risk.

Based on the incident site inspection, the associated level of identified risk and safe assess to the site is considered available, Council takes the necessary enforcement steps and actions E.g. Issue an EO/BN/BOMW or information on services Council can or are supplying at the time.

Council, will provide the required temporary safety measures to contained the site/land/building. However, where owners are not insured or do not have the financial support to incur these costs, Council will recover the applicable costs from the land/building owner of caveat the title/rates records for Re-Imbursement of Council’s costs when available.

Unfortunately, unlike the Greater City of Dandenong their is no supplementary or contract agreement payment to the DMBS or MBS for these statutory public safety callouts or adjustable time off in lieu of payment for services provided. It all considered part of the role and responsibilities

Kind regards

Wayne Harris