Reply To: Priority Council Permits system (inspection program)

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Wayne Harris

Dear Vin,

It has been some time since I have included comments in the VMBSG discussions.

However, this is a topic where I have had some involvement over the last few years, when an employer decided to invest in this system with out discussions with service providers end users.

In my opinion, I would seek open discussions with the Victorian Council’s that have introduced Authority into its building services records management system. There may be integration issues with other IT record keeping programs, there may be application failures in the reporting/record keeping daily functions, the system is designed for the issue of building permits and may not provide the best practice statutory functions for your enforcement processes.

Without prejudice. The product may introduce timeliness obstacles with regard to data entering modules and using the Council enforcement templates due to naming conventions, template formatting and other time related procedure’s to integrate with Council prime record keeping system.

The transfer 0of information from your exiting statutory data base records may have massaging implications and the time frames for introduction of the new system may have teething problems for the service and staff engagement and practical use.

In my opinion, research before engaging in a change of Building Regulatory enforcement practices and applications be the main focus, than the issue of building permits by Council. The principal focus to my understanding is for a system designed towards the NSW and Queensland development systems, which include, building, health, planning uses.


Wayne Harris