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Glynn Lewis

Central Goldfields Shire has a part time MBS and part time MBI. The first contact in emergencies is the Manager of Engineering Services who then decides whether the situation requires the MBS to attend. He then contacts the MBS. Attendance is infrequent and has only been required twice in the two years I have been employed here. The MBS is on call 24/7, if the MBS is not available then it would be expected that the MBI would be available. Both the MBS and MBI are approximately one hours travel from the office of CGS so any attendance out of hours has a time delay. I have found that call outs at this and other municipalities has been to provide legal authority to what those on the site (CFA, SES, Council engineers) have already concluded that there is a danger and the building cannot be occupied. Following floods the welfare officer for Council arranges for the either the MBS or MBI to undertake inspections to evaluate the buildings. There is no formal budget set aside for emergency or routine inspections of damaged buildings.
Glynn Lewis