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Paul Brush

At Melton City Council provide a 24/7 emergency callout service who ring our contracted paging service number and the request for the attendance of a building surveyor is relayed to our pagers which nominates location incident etc and a number to call such as the attending officer. We respond to our contractor with a reference number to acknowledge response so that it doesn’t escalate to next level in the council.
There is only building surveyor me and a limited inspector, we share the duties on a ad hoc basis due to commitments etc. My biggest problem is that I live in Heathmont which is an hours drive at best, dependent on the event and time we can usually attend. The call outs are for fire damaged dwellings,vehicle impacts and storm damaged buildings.
We liaise with owners and insurance companies to organise make safe works including shuttering, temporary fencing , propping and in some cases demolition of dangerous parts of buildings.
Based on the event and time we will wait until the morning to attend the incident, this is a case by case judgement. Just turning up to a fire is usually a waste of time just to watch the fire as our role is subject the CFA completing their tasks and if suspicious VicPol, this could be crime scene.
We have organised make safe works where owners are not insured and recover the applicable costs.
Emergency orders have been issued for these make safe works when applicable. Maybe I’m under playing our role but sometimes what we direct to be done is really stating the “bleeding obvious”, half the dwelling has caved in and your don’t have to be Rocket Scientist to see that you enter at your own risk.

Paul Brush