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Ryan Elliot

At Mitchell we receive a call from the CFA either directly or through our after hours/MERO. We provide a 24/7 call out service which Is usually me or my inspector. Once the property is handed over to us from the CFA or Police we get the owners to arrange make-safe works (usually through their insurer). If they don’t have any insurance we arrange a temp fence and work through how they are going to make it safe. Both these options are usually done through an Emergency Order. Sometimes the we don’t get the call from the CFA and we find out the next day and go out of our own accord.
With flood or fire events we would send a team out post event when safe to assess the site and issue the relevant paperwork i.e. Emergency Order or information on services Council can or are suppling at the time. The team usually consists of Building Surveyor, Environmental Health and Local Laws.


Ryan Elliot
Mitchell Shire