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Brett Turner

Hi All. At Bayside we split the area in half with the Deputy looking after ‘out of hours call outs’ for one half, and the MBS looking after the other half.
Having come from Casey we have a similar system and I agree totally with Mehran’s comments. Well said!. Whilst I understand that historically the MBS was the go to person for the CFA/MFB in terms of structural and regulatory advice, and or course the issuing of enforcement to ensure safety works are undertaken I have always seen this as a “non-mandatory” service. (except for the responsibility in terms of enforcement). It has also exposed the MBS and Council to risk in terms of advice and directions obtained from those authorities, and quite frankly, I have, as I’m sure many of you have, been in the situation where we’ve been called out in the middle of the night to simply stand and watch the fire; not being allowed on site until it is extinguished and/or investigations completed. In addition, I am uncomfortable in requesting Council to undertake any safety measures as that is also a cost and risk to Council. Ultimately it is the owners responsibility to ensure; after the fact, that the their insurance assessors make the call and ensure the necessary works are undertaken. More complex when they don’t have insurance, granted.(the enforcement can aid and back up this process). I think this topic is well over due for discussion and I’d be interested in what comes out of this. P.S. I don’t get paid to attend call outs. Not much incentive there. Cheers, Brett