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Alan Cocks

We at Wyndham City Council provide a 24/7 emergency callout service .CFA ,MFB, SES and VicPol ring our after hours number and the request for the attendance of a building surveyor is relayed to our Building Maintenance on call staff who then contact the on call building surveyor at a dedicated number.
There are 3 building surveyors,including myself, who are rostered on a 2 week schedule.We are paid availability allowance and minimum 3 hours overtime for each attendance.
The callouts are for fire damaged,vehicle impacted and storm damaged buildings.
We liaise with owners and insurance companies to organise make safe works including shuttering, temporary fencing , propping and in some cases demolition of dangerous parts of buildings.
We have organised make safe works where owners are not insured and recover the applicable costs.
Emergency orders have been issued for these make safe works when applicable.
Alan Cocks
Wyndham City Council