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John Bordignon

At Glen Eira, we (that is me at the moment) provide 24/7 emergency response. The MFB have my mobile number and ring direct. I am also the Duty MERO and on call for that responsibility 1 week in 4. And also the MFPO. I probably get called out once or twice a month. I have educated the MFB to not wake me up for small silly matters which could easily be dealt with the next morning.

At this stage I am it. looking at getting my deputy and senior inspector to possibly be on call and pay them the on call allowance under the award. I have found in the past that it is the Police that often call the MERO and asks for a building surveyor to attend. This could be flooding or a car going through a shop or dwelling etc.

Whether fire or flood the first thing is the power is usually cut off. If it is an apartment complex then there is a concern that fire safety systems are now not operational. does it make the building dangerous? depends on the circumstances. The other agencies would seek the advice and decision of the MBS on whether to prevent occupation and arrange through Council resources alternative accommodation for occupants- via the MERO.