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Mehran Khademollah

At Casey we have a 24/7 call out arrangement. To achieve this deputy gets time in lieu and I am on back up. Whilst every effort is made to attend emergency call outs there are times that both MBS and deputy may not be able to attend until the following business day.

My own thoughts on the subject matter is that CFA/MFB are funded through the collection of fire levy (rates) and are responsible for attendance to ensure the emergency situation is brought under control prior to vacating the site. It is noted that MBS cannot cause the works to be carried out unless an emergency order is not complied within the required time frames. It is my understanding that there is no immunity for MBS if something were to go wrong should he/she decide to commission the emergency works to be carry out (good luck with cost recovery).

In practice it doesn’t make sense for a building surveyor to attend an after hours call out(example 3am due to a fire) when all they can do is to provide direction (in the event of a major fire usually involves issue of an emergency order requiring assessment by a structural engineer and rectification works within a time frame recommended by the structural engineer an prohibit occupation for 48 hours). A better solution may be for CFA/MFB to engage a structural engineer to be on stand by in order to assess the structural integrity of a compromised building and to carry out any immediate emergency work with assistance of SES (if required). The MBS can attend the next business day in order to provide written direction to the owner to carry out permanent rectification works. Additionally the current arrangements (emergency call outs) pose safety risk to MBS/delegate (exposure to asbestos, structural collapse in the event of a fire etc…).