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    John Prendergast

    Hi Folks

    Peter Phillips is on the move to Moira. Congratulations to Peter, he will be missed in the City but its a bonus to the Bush to pick up such an experienced MBS. This is a disturbing trend with Vin & now Peter……………..hey folks leave a job for me!!!!

    All the Best Peter

    (now officially trailer trash)

    Paul Brush

    Congratulations Peter

    Long drive everyday though

    Paul B

    Marcus Collard

    Congratulations Peter,

    Does this mean you will be taking up Golf?


    Barry Nicholl

    Well done Peter welcome to the country at last

    Vincent O’Brien

    Welcome to votre nouvelle vie Peter

    Peter Phillips

    Yes I have taken the country plunge and am looking forward to transitioning into retirement 3 days per week commencing on 26/9/2017

    For those who a wondering what will happen in my absence at the City of Whittlesea the following was sent to a all building staff at Whittlesea.

    “Quick note to advise that, on Peter’s departure Leo has agreed to act as Municipal Building Surveyor. To make sure that Leo is not spread too thin Karen Leader will be acting in the Management position 4 days per week. So Leo will be in control of the technical expertise area and Karen will be responsible for the People and Corporate Management areas.

    Both will commence in the acting positions Monday 25 Sept. So thanks you and congrats to Karen and Leo. At this stage the acting arrangements are scheduled to run for 4 months.”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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