Building & occupancy permits

Building Permit

The Building Act 1993 allows that applications for building and occupancy permits may be made to the Municipal Building Surveyor or a private building surveyor (PBS) who has been appointed for that purpose by or on behalf of the owner of the respective land. Council is not responsible for functions being undertaken by a PBS.

Occupancy Permit

A building permit may contain a condition that an occupancy permit must be obtained prior to occupation of that building. It is an offence to occupy a building in contravention of such a requirement unless an approval to temporarily occupy is obtained. Certificates of Occupancy issued under previous legislation are deemed to be Occupancy Permits.

In addition to a building permit requiring that an OP be obtained, all places of public entertainment require an occupancy permit regardless.

For further information regarding making an application for a building permit or occupancy permit to the Municipal Building Surveyor – or booking a building work inspection contact your local council MAV website URL council listings