Membership Benefits

Local Government Building Control Voice
Since its beginning in 1997 the VMBSG has developed contacts with the relevant industry groups and authorities. Since the Building Control Commission cultivated partnership between Local Government and the BCC there has been a major breakthrough for Local Government building control to express its views and to work with the BCC on key issues.

Professional Growth
Building control in Local Government has an increasing profile. The many responsibilities of a municipal building surveyor are coming to the fore and gaining recognition. One of the key actions of the Group is to develop a strategic statement and process for appointing municipal building surveyors. This in turn with consideration to a recruitment plan will provide a better profession with greater opportunities.

Keep Its Members Informed
With the ongoing rapid change within building control it is vital that councils keep informed of developments in legislation, processes and policy. The Group by way of this website and correspondence will keep its members informed and up to date on issues.
Forum for Local Government Building Control
It provides councils, municipal building surveyors and associated functionaries with a dedicated forum for discussion and resolution of issues. From this forum views and proposals can be conveyed to government authorities, industry and the general public.
Information and Reference Material
The Group constantly circulates information and reference material to its members. This assists in achieving one of our main goals, which is consistency in processes across councils in building control.
Development of Process
Rather than councils and their municipal building surveyors working in isolation when developing procedures and policies to manage the on-going changes in building control, resources will be able to be shared and developed to their best potential – delivering confidence, efficiencies and productivity gains to ratepayers.