The story behind the VMBSG logo

This image for Victorian Municipal Building Surveyors Group (VMBSG) was developed by looking through the important factors that surrounds the organisation. Firstly, it reflects that VMBSG is working within the community. Secondly, it shows that VMBSG has a strong foundation and well established. Lastly, it reflects the commitment of Municipal Building Surveyors to improving the standards and amenities of buildings to protect the health and safety of people who use the buildings.

The logo is derived from an everyday object namely the egg. The reason behind this idea was that an egg in itself represents structure and safety through its shell which acts as a shield to protect its contents. An egg has three layers which directly reflects the character of VMBSG, that is an outer layer as a foundation, a second layer that supports and protects the inner layer, which represents the community.

The logo also resembles the shape of a person enclosing on an object, which illustrates the authority of the organisation as well as their care for the community. The logo incorporates the round shapes, which shows VMBSG as an approachable group working together with people to create safe environments.

Colours chosen represents the well established quality of VMBSG by using dark green as the base colour and a warmer yellow to give the friendly and welcome feeling, as well as represents care. In this case, san serif typeface was chosen to give a strong impression that VMBSG is professional and well established, but is approachable by the community.

Copyright 2001 The Works Design Consultancy | Logo design by Maria Tirtadjaya